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Tru Photo

Datacard® Tru™ Photo

Datacard® Tru™ photo professional solution and Tru™ photo solution offer significant benefits over other camera solutions. The Tru photo software combined with Tru photo professional camera or Tru photo camera automates and accelerates the capture of an image, providing one-click capture that adds speed, simplicity and automation to the image capture process.

The Tru photo software provides seamless, intelligent, configurable photo capture for ID Works® identification software or ViaNet® identity information software setting the Tru photo solution offerings apart from cameras that are reliant on TWAIN or Microsoft® Video for Windows drivers. The Tru photo software is straightforward, giving the end user a surprisingly simple experience in capturing, cropping and importing a photo to the ID software, all in less than seven seconds. Tru photo solution's one-click capture makes the process practically foolproof.


  • Tru Photo software - eliminates the need to touch the camera
  • Auto-Capture - no need to physically pan or tilt the camera
  • Auto-Crop - no need to manually position crop box around image
  • One-click capture - capture, crop and import in less than seven seconds
  • Live video - preview subject before capturing the image
  • Easily configured
  • Adds speed to capture and reduces badging time
  • Automatic focus and exposure
  • Country-specific power cords
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